What Will Tomorrow Bring?

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

By: Rick Reeves


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July 2, 1863 By Rick Reeves General Meade’s Army of the Potomac and General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia have been battling each other for two straight days at Gettysburg. As the moon shines down on the scarred landscape of fields and farms, all is quiet for the time being. The men of General David Birney’s First Division, Third Corps are exhausted, physically and mentally, after what they’ve been through, and it’s not over yet. Lee attacked the left flank of the Union position earlier on the second, then the right flank, both to no avail. The line has held. As the regiments along the Union center grab a few hours rest, they know Lee has only one option left to him. A mile distant the enemy campfires burn, as numerous as the stars in the sky. Every Union soldier is absorbed with his own thoughts of what’s coming. Each man deals with those thoughts in his own way. Some need to keep their minds occupied with a card game, while others catch a few hours of much needed sleep. Chatting about home and sitting around the campfire is another way to pass the time, or maybe it’s just a few quiet moments alone, staring off in the distance or into the bottom of a coffee cup, wondering just what will tomorrow bring?